Development roadmap

The project got organized in the following development sprints:

Dates Sprint
29/6 - 24/7/2020 Created the tyronzil Node.js client that performs the CRUD operations (create, read, recover, update & deactivate).
27/7 - 21/8/2020 Integrated the SSI client with the Zilliqa blockchain platform.
24/8 - 18/9/2020 Implemented the Decentralized Identifier smart contract according to the tyronzil W3C DID Method.
21/9 - 11/12/2020 Tyron Improvement Proposal #1: Three sprints to increase security and discoverability of Tyron Decentralized Identifiers.
21/9 - 16/10/2020 TIP1.1 implemented Zilliqa's 32-byte private-keys to generate Schnorr signatures that can be verified by the DID smart contract. Introduced the DID Keys that have their public keys stored in the DID contract. Release notes.
19/10 - 13/11/2020 TIP1.2 developed the INIT.tyron smart contract for the initialization of self-sovereign identities as well as a domain name system that implements the .did, .agent & .tyron domains. These top-level SSI Domains define the SSI Trinity constituted by the user as the owner of their Self-Sovereign Identity, the agent providing the application, and tyron as the technology & open association. This development sprint also implemented the xWallet that gives ZRC-2 transfer capabilities to the DID smart contract. Furthermore, TIP1.2 developed a prototype for donations named Release notes.
16/11 - 11/12/2020 TIP1.3 developed the tyron.js JavaScript library to be utilized by the tyronzil client & newly implemented DID Browser React Native application prototype - check out the demo here.