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Tyron roadmap

This project gets organized in development sprints of 4 weeks duration.

Dates Sprint
29/6 - 24/7/2020 Creates the tyronZIL DID-Client that performs DID CRUD operations (create, read, recover, update & deactivate).
27/7 - 21/8/2020 Integrates the DID-Client with the Zilliqa blockchain platform.
24/8 - 18/9/2020 Implements the DID-Smart-Contract (DIDC) to immutably save and distribute DID-States.
21/9 - 11/12/2020 Tyron Improvement Proposal #1 - TIP1 consists of 3 sprints that aim to increase security and discoverability of Tyron Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).
21/9 - 16/10/2020 TIP1.1 implements Zilliqa's 32-byte private-keys to generate Schnorr signatures that can be verified by the DIDC. The contract also produces the SHA-256 hash of the Decentralized Identifier, which must be signed to deactivate the DID. And the DIDC can verify that all Schnorr signatures correspond to the DID-Keys that have their public keys stored in the contract. Release notes.
19/10 - 13/11/2020 TIP1.2 develops the init.tyron smart contract for the initialization of @tyron.did self-sovereign identities as well as a domain name system that implements the .did, .agent & .tyron domains. These top-level SSI Domains define the SSI Trinity constituted by the user as the owner of their decentralized identity, the agent providing products & services, and tyron as the technology & open organization. This development sprint also introduces the xWallet that gives ZRC-2 transfer capabilities to the DID smart contract (DIDC). By using a donation campaign code, the DIDC can send a commission-free transfer to another user.did & keep track of the token balance - find the donations prototype at Release notes.